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My first blog and I'd like to take this chance to share with everyone a collection of some of the yoga events or festivals that I keep note of & mark in my calendar to try go to each year if schedule permits!

Yoga is all about finding or creating unity & harmony with yourself & everyone around, what better way than to gather, meet & unite with everyone, anyone of all walks of life ;)

  1. Mar 1-7, 2018 - International Yoga Festival (Rishikesh, India)
    Nothing like experiencing yoga from the birthplace India! If you are a yoga enthusiasts, yogi lover, aspiring or inspiring yogis then it's a must-not-miss to go to this annual festival event which many of my yogi friends went & highly recommended going for that additional 'spiritual yogic' experience.

    I'm guilty as charge as yet to find the right time to attend this wonderful festival but it's definitely on top of my places to go list! Though yet to set foot at Rishikesh where it's a well-known yoga home place, having been to Nepal & other parts of India would say it's a place, a country that will renew your 'spiritual' faith no matter your religion. The nearer the homes are to the Himalayan mountains, the stronger this sense of 'spiritual' awakening, serenity & utter peacefulness is. No other place better to practice, learn & deepen your yoga pursuit. OM...

  2. April 2-8, 2018 - Bali Spirit Festival (Bali, Indonesia)
    Bali to me is probably my second Yoga "mecca" that's closer to home. The place in itself is just wonderfully calming with its natural greenery beauty & beaches around along with its rich Hindu culture merged with local tradition is just the right ingredient to create a rejuvenating yoga practice both for your mind & body. Testament to this is the abundant yoga studios in & around the island that you can find easily.

    This festival merges music, yoga, dance & martial arts very much similar to Murfest in KL. So for those who love either of these activities or simply just to get your head into the Bali spirit can give this festival a go ;) 

  3. June 7-10, 2018 - 2018 Evolution Asia Yoga Conference (Hong Kong)
    Haven't been to this conference event yet but getting second hand information from a yogi friend the conference has many renowned yoga masters where you can learn from or share your experiences with. It's also a good place for fella yogis, teachers, aspiring yogis & all to connect / network around. A little pricey if you ask me hence still considering if I should give this conference a try...hmmm...

  4. Mar 9-11, 2018 - Marysia Do 3-Days Workshop "Stabilize your courage" (PJ, Malaysia)
    If anyone likes to learn or master your handstand or arm balances, should give this workshop a try with Marysia. Attended her classes in Pure Yoga Singapore - she's good with clear, crisp, easy to understand instructions with good alignment adjustment. Approachable & always sharing tips / tricks if you care to ask!

  5. Mar 9-11, 2018 - Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (30hr CET) with Adeline Tien (Singapore)
    Another very good yoga teacher for anyone who is willing to learn & understand yoga from ground zero! She's firm, knowledgeable & very very precise with anatomy alignment which will bring your body awareness both internally (such as your nervous system) & externally (in terms of placements of your limbs against one another, etc.) to a whole new level of understanding. You will definitely come out having better understanding of your own & other people's body limitations & how to go around it in modifying poses that will make the practice not only safer but extend beyond without stressing the body out.

    End of day, yoga should leave everyone of us feeling more relaxed, calm & rejuvenated not tired & worn out...

  6. Jun 23-24, 2018 - 2-Day Mindful Mobility & Functional Flexibility with Amanda Koh (KL, Malaysia)
    Used to attend her classes back at True Yoga Singapore, she's strong & just like Adeline good with her body anatomy understanding. With her in class you are kept aware of when to push, when to pull back when performing the poses during the group practice. If schedule permits will give this workshop a go...so fingers cross!


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