Hello to all my fellow fitness & yogi friends and practitioners alike…

About Vipazana, about me

I am Magdalene and welcome to my newly founded boutique yoga wear brand VIPAZANA here in the ‘Little Red Dot’ island. Sharing my love for yoga, travel and all things zen. It certainly has been a long labour of love to get my brand rolling out with many nights and days of sweat; and alas here it is enjoying the fruit of my labour with all!…

Being one who cherishes meditation and experienced the wonders of its workings, Vipasyana is a term that have come to learn and surround myself with on a daily basis which eventually gave birth to the name of my brand: VIPAZANA.

The Sanskrit word ‘Vipasyana’ means seeing things as they really are; an insight into the true nature of reality. It’s one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation that focuses on the deep interconnection of the mind and body through disciplined attention to the physical sensations of the body that continuously interconnect and condition the mind.

It is this self-observation, self-exploratory journey to the common root of the mind and body that will eventually free one from mental ‘noises’, resulting in a balanced mind full of love and compassion.

As the name suggest, each piece of the yoga wear has been designed to provide total peace of mind and comfort; allowing yogis, practitioners like yourself to feel fully at ease with oneself, relax and confident when donning them. Each design and print is uniquely designed and produced in exclusive limited quantity.

Hope you enjoy wearing the pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed designing them personally myself and hand-checking the production quality to bring you these simple, unpretentious and distinctive designs.

VIPAZANA – seeing things as they are; letting you be you
Simple. Unpretentious. Distinctive.

Shop, enjoy and be Zen :)