The four payment methods accepted are:

  1. PayPal Express Checkout
    Checkout conveniently using PayPal Express Checkout to pay with PayPal or credit card.

  2. Bank Deposit
    This is a direct bank deposit via GIRO, inter-bank transfer or wire transfer to the bank account details provided.

    Your goods will be on hold for 3 days. Once payment is received with your email note & the payment receipt, an email notification will be sent to inform of your goods shipment.

    Note: There are no additional bank charges for local GIRO / transfers. However, for overseas wire transfers do note there may be additional bank charges / fees incurred.

  3. Cash on Delivery
    This payment method is only available for customers in Singapore (sorry!). For customers selecting this method, your selected goods will also be on hold for 3 days with an email notification dropped to to arrange for appointment of payment and collection of your goods with me.

    Note: No additional charges

  4. Money Order
    Alternatively, you can pay with money order to the provided bank account details through your trusted agent or your bank, either via online or visit the nearest outlets at your convenience. Once payment received, a notification email will be sent to inform of your goods shipment.

    Note: There may be minimal additional transfer fees incurred by the gateway agent or the bank.